Director: Frances O’Connor

130 mins, UK-USA, 2022, Digital, F Rated

With costume dramas still enjoying something of a resurgence, though mostly taking a Bridgerton self-referential style, it’s interesting to consider actor-turned-director Frances O’Connor’s imaginings of the life of Emily Brontë, who died at the age of 30 having completed the classic doomed love affair novel, Wuthering Heights. Emma Mackey is superb as the young woman growing up on the Yorkshire Moors. Speculating about an unspoken passion between the heroine and a visiting curate, Emily presents us with a heroine feverishly writing while neglected by her father (Adrian Dunbar), whose preference is for son Bramwell. It may not progress historians’ research into Brontë’s life, but this passionate drama gives us a heroine befitting any Brontë novel.

The screening on Wednesday 27th will be Open Captioned.

Notes by Alicia McGivern

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