Director: Jon Favreau

114 minutes, U.S.A, 2014, Comedy

This film screened on Wednesday 28th & Friday 30th January 2015.

Wild Strawberries is our bi-monthly film club for over 55s.

If your new-year resolution involved being more adventurous with your cooking, then this joyous comedy will help. Writer and director Jon Favreau, stars as Carl, a talented and creative chef in an upmarket Californian restaurant. Following a row with a food critic he gets fired and is forced to rethink his life, career and relationships, particularly with his son. Favreau, who directed the Iron Man trilogy, brings together a great cast, including Robert Downey Jr., Dustin Hoffman and Scarlett Johansson, for this story of food, family and life.

€3.85 including regular tea/coffee before the screening. Wild Strawberries is our film club for over 55s. If you are lucky enough to look younger please don’t take offense if we ask your age.

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