Irish Film Institute -WILD AT HEART



125 minutes, U.S.A., 1990, Colour, 35mm

Wild at Heart is, according to David Lynch, “a picture about finding love in hell.” When Sailor (Nicolas Cage) turns down the advances of Marietta (Diane Ladd), monstrous mother of his girlfriend Lula (Laura Dern), she tries to have him killed. The plan backfires, but Sailor is imprisoned. On his release, the two reunite and head for California, with a vengeful Marietta on their trail.

A typically fractured take on the fairy tale, Lynch packs the film with references to The Wizard of Oz, surrounding them with vignettes of dark humour, extreme violence, and blissful sex. (Notes by Kevin Coyne.)

Screening as part of Wanna Fight? (August 3rd – 31st), our season recognising the influences on director Nicolas Winding Refn and the roots of Only God Forigves.

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