Irish Film Institute -Waiting for the Light

Waiting for the Light

An intensely moving portrait of 85-year-old Irish film auteur George Morrison; pioneer and innovator of Irish Cinema, maker of Mise Eire, Ireland’s first feature documentary. His time in the spotlight was short-lived, and his great successes were followed by many years of slow decline. Then, in 2006, just a year after suffering a massively debilitating stroke, Morrison made Dublin Day, his first film in over 30 years. In Waiting for the Light director Ciarin Scott uncovers his work, his life and loves in frank and intimate interviews. We see and feel his triumphs and his long years of failure, his passion for film, his obsessive perfectionism, and his great personal charm and humour.

Director Ciarin Scott and George Morrison will attend. There will be a post show Q&A.

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