IRELAND • 2007 • COLOUR • 76 MIN.

The latest feature from actor-writer-director Liam O Mochain, W.C. is about the trials and tribulations of two toilet attendants as they deal with argumentative customers, an interfering bar manager, hapless losers and grimy toilets. O Mochain himself plays Jack Watts, whose father had him arrested for stealing from the family’s pub to finance his gambling debts. Now he’s reduced to becoming a lowly toilet attendant until he pays back the debt. He’s shown the ropes by Katya, an illegal immigrant who works as an attendant in the women’s toilet. Trapped in similar situations, the couple strike up a friendship, despite Katya’s reluctance to trust anyone after years of being exploited. Plus short: John Duffy’s Brother (14 min.).CLICK HERE TO BOOK

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