Irish Film Institute -Voyages


Director Emmanuel Finkiel has made a film about the shadow the Holocaust casts over survivors as well as the families of victims. Set in present day Poland, France and Israel, Voyages follows the journeys of three aged Jewish women as they search for a way to confront and overcome the legacy of the concentration camps. Rivka (Shulamit Adar) is a 65-year-old Israeli woman who takes a bus trip with her husband to Auschwitz, where she lost several family members. Regine (Liliane Rovere) is a 65-year-old French woman living in Paris who receives a phone call from an elderly man claiming to be the father she lost in the camps. Vera (Esther Gorintin) is an 85-year-old Russian Jew who travels to Israel in search of her long lost cousin. In each tale, a break occurs in the normal course of events that interrupts the search of the past and causes memories to get tangled up with the boring and irritating minutiae of daily existence. The acting by the non-professional cast is so natural as to make the film appear like a documentary, while the cinematography unobtrusively grounds the characters in the different mood of each locale.

France, 1999.
English subtitles.
Dolby digital stereo.
124 mins.

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