Irish Film Institute -VORTEX


Director: Gytis Lukšas

140 minutes, Lithuania-Russia, 2009, Subtitled, Black and White, 35mm

Accomplished director Gytis Lukšas’ most recent film is a convincing chronicle of the protracted and traumatic Soviet period of Lithuanian history. Shot in spartan monochrome, the story follows Juzik Giedrius Kiela), whose blissful early life in the countryside is ravaged by two tragic incidents. After a stint in the military, Juzik leaves the bucolic setting of his home to work at a quarry, where he meets two women, both of whom bring chaos into his life from which he must find a way to emerge. This is a powerful, elemental film which unravels the cruel manner by which a corrupt system can impact the lives of its subjects.

This film is screening as part of the IFI Lithuanian Film Focus.

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