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121 minutes, Spain, 2006, Subtitled, Colour, 35mm

After Bad Education‘s focus on a group of young men, Almodóvar returned his attention to an all-female ensemble cast, including regulars Penelope Cruz and the engaging Lola Dueñas (who also stars in the director’s upcoming I’m So Excited). Naturally, the film is beautiful to look at, shot in the expansive, sun-drenched La Mancha province and employing the saturated primary colours that distinguish Almodóvar’s palette, all of which is in dramatic counterpoint to the violent, unavoidably sinister subject material involving sexual abuse, murder, and terminal illness (something which crops up as a matter of relatively minor inconvenience in several of the director’s films).

While the domains explored are all stereotypically feminine – kitchens, hair salons etc – the women that feature here are refreshingly portrayed as smart, resolute, witty, and indomitable characters.

The IFI’s Focus on Pedro Almodóvar runs at the IFI from April 2nd to 24th. We are delighted to host a preview of Pedro Almodóvar’s new film I’m So Excited followed by a satellite Q&A with the director on April 23rd at 18.30. I’m So Excited opens at the IFI on May 3rd.

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