Irish Film Institute -Videos That Rock!

Videos That Rock!

Director: Assorted Directors

80 min.

After half a decade of downloading and an explosion of indie talent, record labels are finally wising up to the advantages of forgoing the formulaic performance video in favour of concept-driven work. In this programme, animated videos for buzz bands like The Arcade Fire and Bloc Party deliver narrative oomph within a pleasingly unreal visual carapace, whilst world-renowned photographer and digital artist Charlie White uses puppets to explore the thematic possibilities of Interpol’s Evil. Other top directors (Jonas Odell, MK12, Joseph Kahn, Lobo, Michel Gondry), along with a startlingly talented bunch of newcomers, have created an astonishingly creative array of visuals to match the talents of bands like Soulwax, LCD Soundsystem, Guided by Voices, The Flaming Lips, Lemon Jelly and The Shins.

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