Irish Film Institute -VICTOIRE TERMINUS


Director: Renaud Barret & Florent de la Tullaye

France • 2008 • 80 mins

Tata Rafael Stadium, Kinshasa. It was here in 1974 that Muhammad Ali knocked out George Foreman in the legendary ‘rumble in the jungle’. Now, in the summer of 2006, as the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo struggles to move forward, that moment seems like worlds away. Every day at dawn, thousands of people from the ghetto come to train in the old stadium, while nearby various political parties gather to rally. It is amidst this chaos, we find protagonists Martini, Jeannette, Helene and Rosette sparring every day under the tutelage of Coach Judex. A vivid portrait of a group of outstanding women doing all they can to get ahead in an African city caught in the turmoil of its first democratic elections in over forty years. In cooperation with Guth Gafa Documentary Festival, this screening will include Postcards to the Edge, a series of six short South African films.
Winner of the 2008 London Film Festival Grierson Award

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