Irish Film Institute -Upswing


Director: Johanna Vuoksenmaa

Finland| 2003. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 98 mins.

Director Johanna Vuoksenmaa’s Finnish comedy is about a yuppie couple who get swindled out of their luxurious lifestyle and end up living in a housing project. Social climbers Janne (Petteri Summanen) and Katri (Tiina Lymi) plan to outdo their friends by signing up for a role-playing ‘holiday’ in the disreputable Helsinki suburb of Jakomaki. The fun of slumming it comes to an abrupt end when the couple discover they’ve been conned out of their house, car and lifestyle. Downplaying the social comedy in favour of the psychological challenges faced by its central characters, Upswing bene?ts from a ?ne cast and Mika Ripatti’s well-woven script, which features plenty of twists.

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