Une Vie de chat/A Cat in Paris

Director: Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol


Oscar-nominated for Best Animated Feature Film, this thrilling mystery tells the tale of a daring cat Dino, who prowls the streets of Paris by night with burglar Nico, while living by day as the family pet with young Zoe and her policewoman mother, Jeanne. Zoe’s father was murdered by gang leader Costa, and she hasn’t spoken since. But Dino provides her with hours of play, till one day he comes home with a valuable bracelet. Jeanne’s police partner recognises it as part of a jewellery haul, and is suspicious. Zoe decides to follow Dino and see exactly what her feline friend does after nightfall.

Simply drawn, the characters and dark blue skylines are reminiscent of childrens’ storybooks. There’s suspense and humour too, and we find ourselves rooting for Dino and young Zoe, while her hard-working mother gradually realises what is going on in this unusual and rewarding animation.

An ideal introduction to subtitled film for early students of French language.

Recommended Age 8+

Junior French/Primary Cycle

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