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107 mins, Ireland, 2024, Digital, F-Rated

In this re-telling of the Greek tragedy Antigone, set against Dublin’s gangland, young Twig dreams of escaping with her lover Eamon, but her brothers’s deadly feud over the future of their late father’s kingdom draws her back. After the death of her eldest brother, Eddie, she goes in search of her other brother, Paulie, defying gangland bosses in favour of God’s law.

Marian Quinn (32A) explores the experience of women in gangland environments, women whose complex lives are lived in the shadow of violence and dysfunction, caring for children, providing for families, rolling with the punches. The story, set in a contemporary, multi-racial Dublin, wears its classical origins proudly with a vibrant young cast led by a remarkable Sade Malone conveying the cyclical tragedy of war.

Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn

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