Irish Film Institute -Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

Director: Christina Olofson

SWEDEN|1997 Runtime 77 minutes Suitable for ages 10+ Language Swedish with English subtitles

On the borderline between childhood and adolescence,12 year-old Nora (Tove Edfeldt)returns to school after the summer holidays and is drawn into the teenage dramas of her new class.The outsider Karin (Anna Gabrielsson)is bullied by the tough,assured Fanny (Alexandra Dahlstrom)and Sabina (Emelina Lindberg-Filippopoulou)and Nora,drawn into their intrigues,finds it hard to choose.Set in the big city, Truth or Dare examines the world of city teenagers,from strict families and permissive,their sense of alienation and the power of friendship.

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