Irish Film Institute -TRUFFAUT: THE LAST METRO


Director: François Truffaut

131 mins, France, 1980, Digital, Subtitled

In Nazi-occupied Paris, Jewish theatre owner Lucas Steiner (Heinz Bennent) goes into hiding in the cellar, ceding control to his wife, Marion (Catherine Deneuve). Against a backdrop of dread, distrust, and suspicion, Marion mounts a new play, which Lucas will covertly direct, giving a break to upstart actor Bernard Granger (Gérard Depardieu) by casting him in the lead. Depardieu and Deneuve give mesmerising performances in a distinctively Truffautian character study framed against the backdrop of fascist tyranny. The Last Metro is an enthralling exploration of the power of art and resilience in the face of oppression.

Notes by David O Mahony

This film screens as part of the François Truffaut season, May 7th to 31st.

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