Irish Film Institute -Trouble with Sex

Trouble with Sex

Director: Fintan Connolly

Ireland| 2004. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 90 min.

Following his gritty Dublin thriller Flick, Fintan Connolly is on much more mellow form for Trouble With Sex, an engaging romantic drama in which, at the outset, the protagonists are leading their own lives in very different worlds, though each is beset by niggling discontentment.
Michelle (Renee Weldon) is a fast-rising young Dublin lawyer with a smart apartment overlooking the Liffey, but dissatis?ed in her relationship with a doctor (Declan Conlon) and concerned for her ageing mother (Susan Fitzgerald). Conor (Aidan Gillen) is lonely and unattached, and dutifully running the traditional Dublin pub owned by his hard-drinking father (Eamon Morrissey). Late one night, Michelle bursts into the bar and orders a triple vodka. The consequences are explored and developed with honesty and credibility as these disparate characters tentatively draw closer to each other, but there are complications along the way.
In her ?rst leading role, Weldon sparkles with screen presence, belts out a ?ne version of Crowded House’s ‘Fall at Your Feet’, and holds her own with Gillen, a Tony nominee on Broadway last year and one of Ireland’s finest actors. And what’s the trouble with sex? You’ll see.

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