Director: Tony Gatlif

France. 2006. 103 mins

Tony Gatlif returns to Romania, the location for his fabulous Gadjo Dilo in a further exploration of the country’s gypsy culture and music. He is on the road with a girlfriend (Asia Argento) who is searching for her lover, a Romany musician allegedly deported from France. Not only is she madly in love with the musician, Milan, but she is also carrying his child. However, the happy ending that she envisages is not what unfolds. When she finally locates Milan at a pagan festival, he brusquely informs her that he left France and her of his own volition. In despair, she takes off on her own into the countryside, dressing up as a gypsy. She soon links up with a pedlar, Tchangalo (Birol Ünel, head-on), who ends up helping her through a rather rough emotional patch. Of course, romance ensues. As with all of Gatlif’s films, the romantic plot, while entertaining, is mainly an excuse to include as many musical numbers as possible.

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