Irish Film Institute -TOY STORY (3D)



81 minutes, U.S.A., 1995, Animated, Colour, D-Cinema, 3D

This film screened on Saturday 4th July 2015. 

Director John Lasseter, Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer, has stated that many of their films begin with the writers asking themselves, “what if . . . ?”

In this instance, the question was one that it’s easy to imagine every child asking – what if your toys came to life after you left the room? From this musing came the wonderful Toy Story, in which a group of toys led by cowboy Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) must adjust to the favour shown by six-year-old Andy to a new addition, the heroic if slightly deluded astronaut, Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen).

Please note there is a supplementary ticket charge of €1 on 3D screenings.

Age certification: General Certificate (G)

Showing as part of a Focus on Pixar: Pete Docter (July 4th – 13th). Disney Pixar’s new animated feature, Inside Out, will open this year’s IFI Family Festival (July 16th – 19th). Tickets are on sale now.



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