Irish Film Institute -Too Much Norway

Too Much Norway

Director: Rune Denstad Langlo and Sigve Enderesen

Norway| 2005. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby stereo. 92 min.

The illustrator, artist, writer and humorist Odd Børretzen leads us on a guided tour through Norway’s history over the last 100 years, since of the end of the union with Sweden in 1905. Børretzen asks himself a question: What are the components that make up a Norwegian? In order to provide sufficient distance and an improved perspective, he lets himself be sent out into space to describe the Norwegian condition from there. The film depicts the Norwegian character with warm and gentle humour. The comical aspects are most evident when Børretzen shows the seriousness with which fellow Norwegians apply when trying to cope with the challenges of modern life. The film also pokes fun at a small nation’s attempts to win power and glory by conquering ever more masses of ice and snow. But not everything in the film comes across as merely amusing; at times directors Rune Denstad Langlo and Sigve Enderesen suggest the collapse of the very image of Norwegian nationality.

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