Irish Film Institute -TOKYO DRIFTER



89 minutes, Japan, 1966, Subtitled, Colour, Blu-ray

An imperious milestone of 1960s Japanese cinema, Seijun Suzuki’s most celebrated film is brilliant, bizarre, and excessive, so it’s no great surprise that Winding Refn holds it in such high regard. A day-glo, pop-art action movie, the drifter of the title is played by Tetsuya Watari, who looks impossibly cool throughout in his mod-ish powder blue suit.

He’s a reformed hitman who has decided it is time to hang up his guns. That is, until a double cross draws him back into Tokyo’s underworld, and he embarks on a violent rampage of revenge. (Notes by Michael Hayden.)

Screening as part of Wanna Fight? (August 3rd – 31st), our season recognising the influences on director Nicolas Winding Refn and the roots of Only God Forigves.


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