Irish Film Institute -Together


Director: Lukas Moodysson

It’s 1975 and the rapidly evolving political and sexual landscape seems to have bypassed Stockholm housewife Elisabeth. That is until she walks out on her husband and takes her children to live with her brother Goran and his friends in the Together commune. Together is a place for trying things out and is a constant source of fascination for their more conservative neighbours.
While Elisabeth finds herself taking tentative steps toward liberation, her children Eva and Stefan are none too sure about constant political theorising and dogmatic lifestyles. Eva is achingly shy and teetering on the edge of puberty; what she really wants is to wear make-up, get a boyfriend and listen to the latest hits. Stefan just wants things to get back to normal.
Through his different characters, director Lukas Moodysson deftly recreates the spirit of an era and sensitively explores the pros and cons of a fondly remembered past. As in his widely acclaimed first feature, Show Me Love, it is apparent that one of the most remarkable and enduring features of Moodysson’s talent lies in his ability to elicit the most sensitive and at times heart-wrenching performances from the youngest of actors. In fact his ensemble cast and considered script similarly guarantee a fun, engaging and personal view of love, sex and the politics of being together
Sweden, 2000.
English subtitles.
Dolby stereo SR.
107 mins.)

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