92 mins, New Zealand, 2016, Digital

This film was released 19th August 2016, and is no longer screening.

Exclusively at the IFI.

★★★★ Irish Times

An investigative reporter gets considerably more than he bargained for when he scratches the surface of an underground ‘competitive endurance tickling’ network in this surprising, and frequently disturbing documentary expose. David Farrier is a New Zealand TV personality (in the Louis Theroux mould) famed for throwing light into the murkier corners of the internet; stumbling across a video featuring
a bound athletic young man being tickled by other athletic young men – ostensibly as a sport – Farrier traces its origins to a US company, Jane O’Brien Media, his innocent overtures for an interview being met with a slew of alarmingly aggressive cease and desist notifications.

Interest thoroughly piqued, he sets off to Los Angeles with camera-wielding colleague Dylan Reeve to stake out Jane O’Brien Media’s latest clandestine tickling shoot. To say that what transpires is unexpected is the understatement
of the year. (Notes by David O’Mahony.)

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