Irish Film Institute -Three Colours: Red

Three Colours: Red

Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski

Kieslowski winds up his trilogyoand, as it happened, his career as wellowith this magnificent film. As with the other two instalments, the symbolism of the ideals of the French Revolution is only the starting point for an idiosyncratic tale of characters moving in and out of intense, unusual relationships. It all starts when Valentine (Irene Jacob), a young model, runs over a dog which belongs to a retired, reclusive judge (Jean-Louis Trintignant) who spends his days eavesdropping on his neighbour’s telephone conversations. Meanwhile a young lawyer studies for his exams, unaware that his girlfriend is being unfaithful. Connections abound between these characters, their lives running along parallel lines towards a destiny which involves not only all four of them, but the leading characters from Blue and White as well. The joy of the film has to do with the way Kieslowski weaves his tantalising plot without ever lapsing into woolly mysticism or twee whimsy. He had the gift of making unsuspected, inexplicable links seem quite natural, and in Red his distinctive vision and orchestrations of mood found their most perfect expression.

France-Switzerland-Poland, 1994.
99 mins.

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