Irish Film Institute -This Filthy World

This Filthy World

Director: Jeff Garlin

USA 2006| 86 mins

In this film portrait, John Waters, the high priest of bad taste, grants us something of a private audience. Everything you ever wanted to know about the director of Hairspray, Female Trouble and Polyester but never dared ask is answered here in a highly entertaining film that dares to delve into outrageous, crazy, sexed-up footage of Waters’ earlier films. Bouncing from cultural observations (picture Michael Jackson in the burn ward) to sage advice (how college students can be more filthy), Waters’ best bits are nostalgic, as he remembers his late friend and frequent collaborator Divine. Part memoir, part lecture, This Filthy World reaffirms what most of us already know from The Wire: In a town full of delightful misfits, Waters may be Baltimore’s sanest citizen.

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