Irish Film Institute -THE WICKER MAN


Director: Robin Hardy

88 mins, UK, 1973, Digital

This film screened 16th July 2016.

When a girl goes missing on
the remote Hebridean island of Summerisle, Sgt. Howie is dispatched from the mainland to assist in the search; a devout Catholic, Howie is appalled at the island community’s archaic rituals, sexual liberation
and pagan belief system. Community leader Lord Summerisle (an imperious Christopher Lee) explains to Howie how the islanders have adopted
the ways of the ‘old Gods’ to bring prosperity to their people. But these gods must be appeased if next year’s crops are to yield a bountiful harvest. Steeped in a singular atmosphere, the lm builds inexorably to a terrifying climax.

Novelist and critic Kim Newman will present an introduction before the screening. 

Screening as part of Haunted Landscapes, A Season of Folk Horror. July 16th-30th.


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