Irish Film Institute -THE TREATMENT



131 minutes, Belgium, 2014, Subtitled, Colour, Digital

This film was released on Friday 21st  August 2015 and is no longer screening. 

A sinister paedophilia case raises issues for Inspector Nick Cafmeyer (Geert Van Rampelberg), who has been haunted by the disappearance of his younger brother since he was nine years old. Ivan Plettinckx (Johan van Assche) is a known sex offender who taunts the police, and it is through Plettinckx that Cafmeyer is determined to solve the case and save more children. Though it could all be becoming too much of an obsession for him, and as he digs deeper to find the truth, Cafmeyer is in danger of unravelling. Adapted from the second of the British novelist Mo Hayder’s series of crime novels, The Treatment is a densely plotted, dark and daring police procedure thriller that is uncompromising in addressing bleak issues.

Filmed with an air of gothic gloom and populated with grotesque characters, director Hans Herbots has created a frightening and compelling vision. (Notes by MIchael Hayden.)

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