Irish Film Institute -THE TORTURER


Director: Lamberto Bava


In a welcome return to genre film-making, director Lamberto Bava mixes the recent torture/sadism trend in horror films with the old giallo aesthetic. Aspiring actress Ginette (a stunning Elena Bouryka) auditions for Alex (Simone Corrente), an eccentric director notorious for his outrageous films and his constant search for the ultimate shock effect. After falling for Alex, Ginette discovers that her girlfriend also auditioned for him and has disappeared without trace. Meanwhile, other young women are auditioning for a mysterious personage whose face and identity are both concealed. Three of these women are subjected to a crazy screening process characterised by insane, depraved tortures. The torture scenes are pretty extreme, with Bava revelling in ghoulish details as he applies his imagination to the sadistic proceedings.

Lamberto Bava will attend the festival.

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