Director: TOM HARPER

93 minutes| U.K.| 2009| Colour| Digital

This film was released 19th March 2010 and is no longer screening.

More growing pains for This Is England and Somers Town star Thomas Turgoose in this vivid rites of passage tale set in an out-of-season English caravan park. His gawky teen David has been hanging out with Holliday Grainger’s Emily since they were little kids, but fear of rejection and a worry it’ll end their friendship means he can’t quite bring himself to tell her just how much he fancies her.

The first feature script from Jack Thorne, who cut his teeth on TV’s youth shocker Skins, carefully orchestrates the escalating tensions when Grainger gets her first serious boyfriend and the distressed Turgoose’s every move only makes matters worse. Here’s a story which really captures the snap volatility of adolescent emotions, with Fish Tank cinematographer Robbie Ryan’s evocative work again drawing expressive impact from the naturalistic settings. The young leads barely put a foot wrong, while there’s seasoned support from Susan Lynch as a boozy white-trash mum to be reckoned with. Notes by Trevor Johnston.

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