Director: KEN LOACH

50 minutes, U.K., 1969, Colour, Digibeta

Following the success of Cathy Come Home, Loach was commissioned by Save the Children and London Weekend Television to mark the charity’s 50th anniversary. 

Filmed in the U.K., Kenya and Uganda, Loach sought to explore the politics of poverty, class and charities and the relationship between them. At that time Save the Children representatives felt the film subverted their aims, and the film was withdrawn, languishing, unseen and unfinished, in the BFI archives for over 40 years.

With generous and appreciated permission from Save the Children, the IFI is delighted to present a rare opportunity to see Loach’s film, once believed lost. 

This film is screening as part of Ken Loach (Part One), May 3rd – 28th. Loach’s latest film, Jimmy’s Hall, opens at the IFI on May 30th. 

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