Irish Film Institute -THE SACRIFICE


Director: Andrei Tarkovsky

149 mins, Sweden-U.K.-France, 1986, Subtitled, Digital

This film screened 28th May 2016.

After the head of the Soviet delegation actively (and successfully) campaigned against the awarding of Cannes’ Palme d’Or to Nostalgia, Tarkovsky resolved to stay in the West. The Sacrifice was to be his final film – Tarkovsky died shortly after completion from lung cancer, possibly as a result of exposure to toxic materials while shooting Stalker. In a world facing imminent disaster, Alexander (Erland Josephson) vows to walk away from all that he loves if God will spare his family from this fate. A film that affirms the power of love, humanity, and faith, it makes for a fitting conclusion to a remarkable body of work.


This film is screening as part of our Andrei Tarkovsky season, May 14th – 28th.

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