Director: Ina Holmqvist, Emelie Wallgren

27 minutes, Sweden, 2011

At a school in Stockholm, children from all over the world attend to learn Swedish and about living in a new country. Maryam from Iran has just arrived and finds it hard to settle in with the other children. But gradually she starts to make friends and once she gains a bit of confidence in her new surroundings, a big smile just won’t leave her face.

In Swedish with English subtitles read aloud by an experienced reader

Recommended age: 6+


Maryam is quiet among her new classmates and doesn’t speak their language at first. Have you ever tried to communicate without words? Or tried to be still? In this follow-up workshop, yoga teacher and animator, Siobhan Twomey will play with silence, stillness and sound. See if you can be a quiet one on a Sunday morning! Please note: this workshop is for all the family.

This film is showing as part of the IFI Family Festival 2012

Casey McBride, aged 8 says: ‘I love The Quiet One. I’d definitely recommend it.  My favourite character is Maryam.  I like the film because it is about friendship.  3 stars’.

Caitlin McBride, aged 11: ‘I liked The Quiet One but I did not like the part where Maryam got bullied by Wiktoria.  The story is about Maryam and her first few months in school. My favourite character in the movie was the woman who helped Maryam with her Swedish language and the talk about after Christmas holidays. It made me laugh when Maryam fell down in the snow on the snowboard. 3 stars’.

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