Irish Film Institute -THE PLAINS


Director: David Easteal

180 mins, Australia, 2022, Digital

Andrew, a man in his late 50s, commutes home daily in the suburbs of Melbourne, the camera observing from the backseat. As the seasons pass, we observe dramatic events of his life as well as mundane quotidian details, and learn more about the man, his inner conflicts, and the relationships in his life—with his wife, his mother, deceased sister, and a younger co-worker whom he occasionally drives home. Within the microcosm of the car, the film ultimately becomes a meditation on the passage of time, memory, work, and how love and the relationships in our life sustain us. David Easteal’s mesmerising docu-fiction, a recreation of actual journeys he took with Andrew, wherein they are playing themselves, explores the car as an intimate, confessional space, where time becomes elastic, allowing a three-dimensional portrait of Andrew to gradually emerge.

Notes by David O’Mahony

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