Irish Film Institute -The Most Fertile Man in Ireland

The Most Fertile Man in Ireland

Director: Dudi Appleton

A bawdy comedy with an attention-grabbing concept, The Most Fertile Man in Ireland describes the adventures of Eamonn Manley (Kris Marshall), a shy Belfast boy who discovers he has the highest sperm count in Ireland. Quick to spot an opportunity, friend Millicent (Bronagh Gallagher) persuades him to offer a ‘service’ to the Catholics of Belfast by helping them get pregnant. Finding his sexual exploits to have given him new confidence, Eamon begins to date long-time sweetheart Rosie (Kathy Kiera Clarke); less welcome, however, are the attentions of Loyalist paramilitaries worried that Eamon is turning the city’s demographics against them. Director Dudi Appleton mines this setup for all the ribald humour it can gather, with more serious themes of fatherhood and parenting never overwhelming the film’s irreverent sense of play.

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