126 minutes, U.S.A., 1962, Black and White, D-Cinema

A Cold War thriller depicting a communist plot to assassinate the American president, Frankenheimer’s adaptation of Richard Condon’s novel remained unseen for years, deemed unpalatable following the actual assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Its classic status has been acknowledged since its re-emergence, and the film arguably provided both Lawrence Harvey and Frank Sinatra with their best Hollywood roles. It is Angela Lansbury though, who provides the connection with Only God Forgives. She appears as an evil matriarch who encourages her son to do despicable things, which is an adequate summary of the role Kristin Scott Thomas takes in Winding Refn’s film. (Notes by Michael Hayden.)

Screening as part of Wanna Fight? (August 3rd – 31st), our season recognising the influences on director Nicolas Winding Refn and the roots of Only God Forigves.

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