Irish Film Institute -THE LOST KING


Director: Stephen Frears

108 mins, UK, 2022, Digital

In 2012, having been lost for over 500 years, the remains of King Richard III, immortalised by Shakespeare as a cruel, misshapen villain, were discovered beneath a carpark in Leicester. The search had been orchestrated by an Edinburgh housewife, Philippa Langley (Sally Hawkins), who was convinced that the Bard’s portrayal was the result of a vicious Tudor propaganda campaign. Her discovery was the culmination of years of obsessive research, during which she faced the scepticism of her ex-husband, John (Steve Coogan), the incomprehension of friends, and the ridicule of experts and academics who dismissed her as an over-zealous amateur. The Lost King is a life-affirming true story of a woman who refused to be ignored, who took on the UK’s most eminent historians and forced them to think again about one of the most infamous kings in English history.

There will be Open Captioned screenings at 15.50 on Friday 7th and 18.10 on Thursday 13th.

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Thursday 13th