95 minutes, U.K., 2012, Colour, D-Cinema

Perhaps the buzziest film on the festival circuit, The Imposter combines stunning cinematography with skilful storytelling to create a superb psychological thriller. In June 1994, 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay goes missing in San Antonio, Texas and remains so until he is discovered three years later in Spain. In that time, Nicholas has changed dramatically: the once blond-haired, blue-eyed boy now has dark hair and has acquired a European accent, so it’s not long before people start asking questions. .

The Imposter is full of immense twists, turns and revelations, of intriguingly complex characters and questionable testimony. The filmmakers artfully navigate the rollercoaster and the audience always feel they’re in safe hands. Never has the maxim ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ been more appropriate. Don’t miss it.

Director Bart Layton will be in attendance and the screening will be followed by a Q and A.

Winner – Grand Jury Prize – Miami Film Festival

A powerful film about lies and deception…that makes some profound and unsettling points about the human mind” The Guardian.

This film is showing as part of the IFI Stranger Than Fiction Festival 2012, Dublin’s Documentary Festival

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