The House

20 Harelawn Grove, Clondalkin was the Doyle family home. In 2007 the house was sold, 8 years after the death of their mother, an alcoholic. In the time between their mother’s death and their father leaving, the house became the only icon of security Tanya, her 3 sisters and her brother could depend on. After making the decision to sell the house, and in the days before vacating, the filmmaker brought each family member to the house to tell their own story. In a brave and personal way, this autobiographical documentary explores how themes of alcoholism, abandonment, grief, identity, money and security weave into the tapestry of a family dynamic.

Due to phenomenal demand there will be a preview screening of THE HOUSE on Sunday at 11am.

Director Tanya Doyle will introduce the 12 o’clock screening.

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