The House Of The Devil

Director: Ti West

USA • 2009 • 95 min

The plot isn’t exactly promising: cute-as-a-button college student Samantha (Jocelin Donohue) answers an ad for a baby-sitting gig, only to find herself in a big creepy house owned by a seriously strange couple with sinister plans for our lovable heroine. So far, so whatever, so seen-it-all before. But here’s the thing: 28-year old director Ti West isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel here, he’s interested in creating a slow-burning mood piece, one that takes fright fans down a familiar path before bringing on the chaos – the movie is called House of the Devil, after all. West’s approach might drive some punters out there crazy; stick with his slow, meditative pace, however, and you’ll swiftly realise that you’re in the presence of a young master. It helps, to boot, when your last act delivers the goods big time. It doesn’t hurt, either, when you’ve got a killer cast, notably formidable genre veterans Tom (Manhunter) Noonan and Mary (Death Race 2000) Woronov as Mr. & Mrs. Creepy Incarnate – together, they offer a masterclass in spaced-out menace. This one is guaranteed to divide Horrorthon audiences right down the middle. And we do love that.

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