The Horseman

Director: Steven KastRissios

Australia • 2008 • 110 min

Not to be confused with the recent Dennis Quaid serial killer mediocrity – that was The Horsemen, as opposed to The Horseman – this powerful Aussie revenge flick packs a serious punch. It also features the performance of Horrorthon 2009, from Peter Marshall as a devastated average joe out to avenge the tragic death of his junkie daughter. It transpires that Daddy’s girl had fallen in with a seriously bad crowd, and this one-man tsunami of vengeance will do whatever it takes to dampen his yearning need for retribution. This lean and seriously mean slice of up-market exploitation is given an additional level of emotional intensity by Marshall’s committed work; first-time writer/director/co-producer/editor Steven Kastrissios (it’s a good year for debuts) doesn’t stint on the bone-crunching violence, nor its inevitable and tragic repercussions. Anyone who tells you The Horseman isn’t strictly a horror film is badly wrong; on many levels, it cuts far deeper than any number of grislier entries on display here. A real discovery.

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