Irish Film Institute -The Hills Run Red

The Hills Run Red

Director: Dave Parker

USA •2009 • 81 min

A film fanatic’s obsession with finding a complete print of a classic slasher movie leads him (plus two easily-disposable friends) into the backwoods where the film was shot. They realise all too late that filming on the project never ended – and that the movie’s star, the deformed, murderous Baby Face, and his twisted family continue to film and kill unsuspecting victims. Now our heroes must survive the nightmarish onslaught – we do love a nightmarish onslaught – or become part of the movie forever. Directed by Dave Parker from a script by splatterpunk legend David J. Schow, The Hills Run Red benefits greatly from the presence of Horrorthon fave William Sadler as the demented director whose opus inspires the quest; a memorable presence in everything from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (where he played Death) to Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight, Sadler always delivers. If we can determine a recurring trend at Horrorthon 2009, it’s that un-ironic, balls-to-the-wall ’80s-style horror – a less political, more amoral strain than its ’70s predecessors – is back with a bloody vengeance. No complaints from us.

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