Director: Wes Anderson

U.S.A.-Germany, Colour, D-Cinema

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A tale from a revered novel that does not exist, inspired by the works of Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, an account of events from the point of view of a protagonist who is a character is someone else’s story… There is some deft narrative playfulness in Wes Anderson’s latest film even before you even get to a yarn that involves a hotel at the height of popularity and elegance, a country between wars, a high minded libidinous concierge attracted to older, wealthy guests, a loyal lobby boy, a valuable Renaissance painting decreed in a will, a vengeful family, a grave miscarriage of justice, a thrilling jailbreak, a bizarre shootout, death, murder and, most significantly of all, love. Beyond the handcrafted detail that has become characteristic of his films, past the dazzling cast list of Anderson regulars and some new recruits, The Grand Budapest Hotel reveals itself with a beating heart of gold. (Notes by Michael Hayden.)

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