Director: Harmony Korine, Alexey Fedorchenko, Jan Kwiecinski

106 minutes, U.S.A.-Poland-Russia, 2012, Colour, HD Cam

This anthology film was conceived according to rules which, though as strict as those of Dogme 95, were much more playful (examples included “the hero must have a missing tooth” and “a stuffed animal needs to make an appearance”). Korine’s section features Val Kilmer as ‘Val Kilmer’, a motivational speaker addressing a gathering in a roller-skating rink, promising the revelation of “awesome secrets”. Intercut with this are scenes of him bike-riding around town with his girlfriend.

It’s possibly the most straightforwardly comic work the director has done, and acts as a transitional piece between the rough edges of Trash Humpers and the neon glow of Spring Breakers. Fedorchenko creates an intriguing time-travel short, and Kwiecinski’s enigmatic section follows a group in a deserted village as they await a catastrophic flood.

This film is screening as part of Harmony Korine – Breaking Out (April 3rd – 14th). His latest feature, Spring Breakers, opens at the IFI on April 5th.

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