Irish Film Institute -THE END OF SILENCE


Director: Roland Edzard

80 minutes • France • 2011

First shown in Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes, this powerful and uncompromising film from painter Roland Edzard is the story of the volatile Jean (an impressive Franck Falise), black sheep of a rural backwater family. After trying to set his home on fire, Jean is kicked out, but subsequently finds refuge with friendly neighbours Nils (Thierry Frémont) and Ida (Marianne Basler), who bring the boy on a hunting trip. Providing him with a rifle leads Jean, and the film, into increasingly dark waters as he begins to stalk his family through the misty and inhospitable terrain of the Vosges mountains. Edzard builds tension with a skill that belies his directorial inexperience, as guilty secrets are revealed and Jean descends further into madness . . .<

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