The Disturbed

Director: Conor McMahon

Ireland • 2009 • 72 min

Writer and director Conor McMahon will be in attendance to introduce his latest creation, his first feature since 2004’s Leitrim-lensed bovine zombie classic Dead Meat. The Disturbed arose from an urge to embrace a looser, more improvisational approach to filmmaking: the vivid – and blackly funny – results suggest a way forward for the Irish horror film. Initially, at least, The Disturbed suggests a homegrown riff on the tired old torture porn genre: a pair of sociopathic Dubs (Clyde Moulds and Stephen Murray) have kidnapped an unfortunate young woman (Carla McGlynn) – they’re planning a jolly weekend of torture and mayhem, which they’re capturing for posterity on video. So far, so messed up; to say that things go seriously pear-shaped for our demented duo is a serious understatement. Featuring a trio of game performances from Moulds, Murray and McGlynn, The Disturbed is all the more remarkable for the fact that it was shot on a pittance in a mere five days. Now all we need is a feature from McMahon’s Dead Meat cohort Edward King… What do you mean he’s too busy programming Horrorthon?

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