Director: Johnny Kevorkian

UK • 2008 • COLOUR • 96 MIN

Another choice Brit Horror contender, tyro director Johnny Kevorkian’s London-set tale is driven by an impressive performance from one-to-watch Harry Treadaway, who’s just scored a plum Hollywood lead in City of Ember. Devastated by the disappearance of his younger brother years earlier, troubled soul Matthew (Treadaway) returns home to live with his father (Greg Wise) in their rundown council flat. When Tom’s voice begins to haunt him, Matthew becomes determined to uncover his brother’s fate. A big audience favourite earlier this year at the UK’s Fright Fest, The Disappeared has been drawing comparisons to The Sixth Sense and The Orphanage; ultimately it’s a peculiarly British ghost story, one infused with the bleak, spaced-out ennui of contemporary urban despair. Convoluted programme blather aside, it’s a spooking little chiller with a satisfying payoff.Plus short film Dead Bones

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