The Descent: Part 2

Director: Michael Dougherty

USA • 2008 • 95 min

We’ve all been badly burned by unnecessary and inferior sequels to classic horror flicks old and new; we’re truly delighted to announce, however, that the keenly anticipated successor to 2005’s claustrophobic nightmare is a more-than-worthy successor to the original Descent, offering a suitably horrific finale to this year’s Horrorthon shenanigans. Without giving too much away, the brilliantly bleak conclusion to The Descent Part One – an ending controversially tinkered with for U.S. audiences – didn’t leave much scope to bring back its top-notch female ensemble for an encore. The Descent Part Two, however, still manages to reunite our cave-diving divas, amongst them Ireland’s own Nora-Jane Noone. How? We’re not telling. Let’s just say that the ever-resilient Sarah (Shauna McDonald) takes a return trip deep into those mutation-infested subterranean caves. And, as bad ideas go, it’s a doozy. Descent creator Neil Marshall has remained on board, in a hands-on capacity, as producer, ensuring that the nigh-upon-unbearable tension that made the original an instant classic is present and shockingly incorrect. You’ll have a blast.

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