Irish Film Institute -THE CRITICAL TAKE (MARCH 2013)


This month our Critical Take panellists, Tony Tracy, Lecturer in Film at The Huston School of Film and Digital Media, NUI Galway; filmmaker and producer Rachel Lysaght; and Thomas McGraw Lewis, researcher, educator and filmmaker, will strike up debate on three very different new releases. 

These are: South Korean director Park Chan-wook’s first English language feature, Stoker (March 1st – 21st ) starring Mia Wasikowska; the Sundance Festival prize-winning Robot & Frank (March 8th– 21st ) with Frank Langella and a domestic robot voiced by Peter Sarsgaard in the two central roles; and Beyond the Hills (March 15th – 28th), the Romanian entry for this year’s Best Foreign Language Oscar and the follow up to director Cristian Mungiu’s Palme-d’Or-winning 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days.  

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