For the first time ever, the IFI is opening its doors on New Year’s Day to present a special preview of CHE to mark the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.
Soderbergh’s epic is being released as two separate films, with Part One opening on January 2nd and Part Two in February. Here is a unique chance to see both films back to back, just like those privileged people who were lucky enough to catch that very special world premiere at Cannes earlier this year.
Audacious in conception and daring in realisation, Soderbergh’s studies of Che’s campaigns in Cuba and Bolivia provide us with an outstanding anatomy of the politics and processes of revolutionary change. Meticulously researched, the two films are manifestly different in tone and approach, but taken together they are cinema at its most intelligent and exciting. Benicio del Toro is suitably charismatic and compelling in the title role.

Special admission prices will apply to this event: €15/€12 concession.

There will be a 20 minute interval between the films, each of which runs for just over 2 hours.

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