The Blizzards: Behind the Music

Director: Jeff Doyle

Frustrated by the music scene’s increasing omission of guitar music in festival line-ups and the exclusion of punk rock from national radio playlists, once-popular band The Blizzards take matters into their own hands, blowing their whole budget on a music video which they hope will re-ignite the popularity of guitar music and of the band themselves. All are stunned when, despite a mammoth fallout between the band and their manager, the video unexpectedly goes viral, eliciting glowing praise from an array of stars including Kodaline, Wheatus, Amy Huberman and Laura Whitmore.

Will Bressie, Justin, Dec and Louize resolve their differences, stay together and regain the heady heights of stardom? Only time and this mirthful mockumentary will tell.

Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn

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