Taxi 2

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This boisterous follow-up to the first Taxi movie sticks closely to the original’s winning formula, combining boy-racer stunts with comedy and action sequences.
Taxi 2 finds nervous cop Emilien joining forces again with speed freak cabbie Daniel, to foil some more villains operating on the mean streets of Marseilles. Comedy comes through Daniel’s desperate attempts to return home to his girlfriend and give his future father-in-law the slip, while director Gerard Krawczyk ups the stakes by parachuting Daniel’s souped-up taxi over Paris.
As in the first movie, characters are stereotypes. The villains this time are a gang of high-tech Japanese gangsters. Luc Besson’s script takes plenty of pot shots at the Japanese while acknowledging their technical superiority and martial arts skills. Despite the over-the-top nationalism this is an entertaining high-speed romp with crisp dialogue and the exuberance of a modern comic-strip.

France 2000
English Subtitles
82 mins
Director: Gerard Krwczyk

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